Communicating Care

CU Boulder Alumna Emy Kane, Lonely Whale, on Plastic Bans & Ocean Advocacy

April 13, 2022 Prof. Phaedra C. Pezzullo, host Season 1 Episode 6
Communicating Care
CU Boulder Alumna Emy Kane, Lonely Whale, on Plastic Bans & Ocean Advocacy
Show Notes

Welcome to Communicating Care, a podcast of the Just Transition Collaborative at the University of Colorado Boulder where we talk about the ways environmental and climate justice advocacy are motivated by, express, and foster care. On this podcast we listened more deeply to people who have made headlines for making a difference to learn from their insights for successful creative climate communication behavior change.

I’m the host, Professor Phaedra Pezzullo and today, our guest is Emy Kane, the Director of Digital Strategy of award-winning Lonely Whale and Program Manager of the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp. Emy has been recognized by Passion Passport as a top social media thought leader and practitioner. She has presented at the third UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi; Media for Social Impact Summit hosted at UN headquarters; the Global Citizen Movement Makers Summit; Climate Woke artists retreat for public figures to discuss the intersectionality of climate change and race; Defend Our Future’s Youth Fly In Dinner; and more.

Of course, I must note that Emy also began this amazing career, in part, with her studies at CU Boulder, graduating in 2013 with an undergraduate degree in International Affairs with a minor in Media Studies and French. Her work epitomizes cutting edge media, including brand development, social media strategy & management, influencer engagement, ghost writing, strategic communications, coalition building, public relations, and more.

Recorded: August 27, 2021
Published: April 13, 2022 (forthcoming)
Time: 38 mins 07 seconds
Audio edited by: Robert Lino
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